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How It Works : for business owners

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How It Works : for business customers

1. Sign-in or Sign-up

Once your customers have the mobile app downloaded they will be prompted to sign up. This is typical of any application. It super easy using Facebook Login or they can provide their email address and a password.

2. Find the business to refer to your friends

Rifird’s homepage provides its users with a sorted list by proximity to the user. This means that if your customer is in your business location at the time they open the app, your store will very likely be the first profile in their list.

At this point all the user has to do is click on your business in the list and they’ll be able to see your list of referral rewards!

3. Review the referral rewards you are offering:

On this screen is where we’ll show all of the deals you provide via your merchant administration panel. Within the the screen the user can see all the rewards you are willing to offer them in exchange for a predetermined count of referrals. (example: you might be willing to give away a cup of coffee if someone is willing to refer their friend OR you might be willing to give away a cup of coffee and a bagel if they are going to share you business with 5 friends)

Your customer will pick the most attractive deal given the reward and who they have in mind that they wish to refer and then move onto the next page to review details….

4. Reward details and the very important incentive!

So your customer knows of two people they would love to refer to your business and choose the “Refer 2” deal from your the referral rewards you’re offering, what happens next?

You want your customer to make sure they’re informed with any additional details like expiration date or restrictions you want to apply before they complete their referral, so we make the very next screen they see deliver that information for them.

In order to make the referral a bit sweeter for your customer’s friend, we also deliver an incentive (read more here) to their friend as a “hey you, come try us out!” promotion. We believe this is a great way to reinforce a referral and make your business even more appealing to new customers…

After confirming the details and viewing the incentive, all your customer needs to do is select their friends from the contact list and send the referral!

5. Selecting friends and send the referral:

We present your customers with their phone contact list within the app for them to find the friends they want to send the referral to.

Once they picked their friends, they get to review some default language we provide that will be sent as a message to the friends they selected. The message can be delivered via 2 methods:

In-app delivery: if their friend has the Rifird app, they will get a push notification letting them know of the referral and with the friends message.

Text message: If their friend does not have the Rifird app, they will receive the message via text from their friend and be prompted to download the app to redeem their incentive.

Never miss out on a referral. It’s easy to set up and free to use!